The importance of kitchen ventilation

Kitchen ventilation is required to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Catering and cooking can produce significant quantities of fumes and vapours as well as large amounts of heat. Ventilation is necessary to remove these and discharge them to a safe external location. This is usually achieved by mechanical extraction via a canopy hood installed over the cooking appliances. The ventilation system should also provide general ventilation throughout the kitchen.

It is particularly important to provide adequate make-up air for gas-fired appliances. The lack of an adequate supply of air, and/or incorrect fuleing arrangements can lead to incomplete combustion and the accumulation of combustion products such as carbon monoxide. One of the Factors that will increase the risk include poor maintenance of general ventilation. Dirty, greasy kitchen extraction ductwork systems pose a serious fire hazard.

We assist small to major organisations and companies in the commercial sectors to fulfil their obligations to exercise ‘due diligence’ and a ‘duty of care’ as required by hygiene & safety legislation. Apart from our primary responsibility to deliver professional, fully effective services, we are aware of the need to assist our customers to contain costs and keep maintenance budgets under control, unlike some companies who offer to carry out cleaning as a part of contract and cost considerably more in the long run. As part of our services, we will visit your work site free of charge, will survey grease extract system and will provide written report.



 Eliminating fire risks
can only be achieved by professional kitchen extraction cleaning with an understanding of the unique requirements of this type of system, something beyond the capabilities of general cleaners. Our fully trained and equipped workforce will restore the system to clean fire-safe state, if needed we can install access panels as part of the service to allow thorough cleaning of the system. A duct system normally have few access points. This, obviously, makes maintenance and cleaning difficult. We are able to install access panels in strategic places in the ductwork system which gives easy access for cleaning, maintenance, inspection.

On completion of the deep cleaning service we provide a Fire Safety Cleanliness Certificate. This certificate can be shown to Insurers as evidence that you have taken appropriate action to eliminate risks to your building and its occupants thereby complying with the Fire Safety Order and the terms of your property insurance.

Hygiene Certification
provides a valuable record of our visits that helps demonstrate due diligence to Environmental Health Officers.


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